‘THE LIFT’ A film by Alexander Murillo and Genaro Carpio – Music by Paaliaq.

Jan 2016: Alexander Murillo, with Genaro Carpio, has just finished making this powerful, compassionate, heartfelt and very human short film – and I’m proud to say I provided the soundtrack.

‘The Lift’ is a documentary short about the work of Pastor ‘Scuffie’ Shigg, as he helps the poor and less fortunate in South Central Los Angeles.

Alex himself says: “Filmmaking cannot always be about self gratification. We have the responsibility to bring forward the plights of social injustice and the human condition from the shadows and into the light. Serve others first before self.”
My compositions are always prompted by life around me, and I always feel my music accompanies life in some way – in my own or a listener’s imagination. It was the sheer power of film and music together that first inspired me to be a musician 30 years ago – So to be part of this emotional, caring story is a great feeling, and it’s an honour to be a continuing part of Alex’s impressive work.

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