Hexacoral by Paaliaq

Paaliaq's extraordinary third album 'Hexacoral' arrived in May 2011, and features twelve tracks of rich, intelligent, melodic, vibrant and cinematic rocktronica.

A journey of beautiful piano, glitched beats, ambient haze, gypsy violins, fiery guitars, evocative vocals and more. From the swelling, dulcimer mantra of 'Koy', the sweet piano anthems of 'And Counting' to the crooked noir of 'Everything's Kablooie', the glowing layers of 'Persist' and the drifting night balms of 'Soft Reset'. 'Hexacoral' is a treat for fans of dramatic sonic colour.

'Everything's Kablooie' features wonderful dialogue from the movie 'Brick', directed by Rian Johnson ('The Brothers Bloom' & 'Looper'). Rian kindly gave Paaliaq permission for this, "That's fine and cool! Thanks for asking!" he said.

Cover art by alphaman.

All tracks written and performed by Paaliaq.


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