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Keepi by Paaliaq

Paaliaq's first album begins appropriately with 'Welcome', a piano-led flight of rocktronica, warmly introducing this new artist and these 12 lush, diverse tracks.

Includes semi-acoustic 'A Crowded Meteor', dark, silken 'Eel Moon', the ambient 'Bring You In', electronic 'Vangueria', angular rock 'They're Biting', and album closer - the grand, symphonic, science-fiction poem 'The Journey' with words by Jeeshan Patwari.

Keepi is a rich, dark, sweeping and beautifully kaleidoscopic experience.


All tracks written and performed by Paaliaq.


Lyrics for 'The Journey' by Jeeshan Patwari

Iskander Henkel ponders this journey,

The decision to leave Earth behind him.

To further his knowledge of botany,

For all to know, this is more than a whim.

Could this voyage be akin to Darwin's Beagle?


His glory or zealous discoveries?

It is the year twenty-one thirty-one,

The silver rocket ship stands proud and tall.

Hovering above, a lone white sea-gull,

Below, voyagers gather under marquees,

Is this the day Henkel meets a Martian?


Rosemary Godin views her fingers,

Ring missing left, right holding cheap champagne,

Dust devils skirt the rocket like feathers,

Chink clink spa-dink, the crystal glasses strain.

Her future awaits on the red planet,

To teach theorems, hungry students anew.

A slow smile spreads, Godin's full red lips part,

In Henkel her desire, found love once lost.

This celebration, this bizarre banquet,

Sending some with power, others with virtue,

To colonize red land, to gain a heart.


Sotheby Ashton blesses the star-ship,

Standing amongst the passengers, regal.

In his pilgrimage will he know hardship?

The chance to rekindle his faith's holy temple.

Holding prayer beads, wearing a black brown smock,

A stark contrast to this colour parade.

Comparable to missionaries of old;

Except, without resolve and obeisance.

All like Godin, shining like a peacock,

Duty bound puppets live for this charade.

What Ashton wants, a promise more than gold.


Captain Emily Strauss recalls the first

Flight that began it all; seems long ago.

A rookie wanting to prove prowess and thirst,

To be her generation's best hero.

These colonists - the spirit of Eden,

Fresh beginning, away from this drowned Earth;

Defying gravity in man's chrome Goliath,

Piloting finale to a red new world.

Her mood radiant, her uniform sanguine,

Her secret is safe, in months to give birth,

This culmination has reached its zenith.


Jarrod Takagi walks amidst the crowd,

Mixtures plenty, food laid of all kinds,

Mixture aplenty, full of passions vowed,

Sampling the voyagers - their hearts and their minds.

Henkel dreams of fame, Godin lusts for love,

Ashton falls from grace and Strauss, space mother.

'Mortals don't change, like the taste of okra;

I am 300 years dead,' Jarrod the ghost whispers,

Hanging on, neither below or above.

The signal given; the people to enter,

'Well, I guess I better board,'



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