Nice words from great people with excellent taste…

“Paaliaq is mesmerizing.
Keepi’ is absolutely amazing.”

Lotika, Random Thoughts on Random Music  
– Read Lotika’s review of debut album ‘Keepi’ here

“I have to tell you… Don’t let anything make you lose these feelings you have! They’re all over your music, it’s magical, it’s really like it’s not from this planet.

And all because the incredible selection of the sounds. You put them to the right places, at the exact time + the sensations = beautiful and rich inner world!

P.S. I’m hard to please with the music, but yours… it’s special yes.” 

Миша Тралала.

“Fantastic. The soundtrack for life itself.”
Pedro Sousa

“Amazing music there… a cinematic experience!”
Olivier Pacaud

“Amazing track. Exquisite singing. Emotionally stunning.”
Kees de Groot (Groovehare)

“Your music is the best thing I’ve come across lately, period.”
Gülsah Candan

“Keepi – One of the most mesmerizing albums I’ve ever listened to.
Couldn’t stop replaying for 2 weeks when I first downloaded.”

Sibel Algan

“You make such beautiful music – Never stop.”
Claudene Shoesmith

“Great, great, great! A million thanks for amazing music.”
Ishbel Szatrawska

“I love your music!”
Carlos Costa

“I’m in love with your music!”

“You put a spell on me!” 
Anoushka Ana

“C’est magnifique, félicitation!”
Kabumonkey Fabre

“Stunning and Beautiful!!”
Mike Wake

“Staggeringly staggering.”
Rich Wake

“Best Album Ever”
Gordon Johnstone

“I will go to my favorite beach bar, upgrade their music library with Paaliaq and enjoy the view with a perfect music background !!!”
Moico Weegee

“Your music is beyond amazing, really.”
Ernest Alilovic

“Thank you for making such great music.”
Maja Spasic

“Música para el espíritu.”
Jesus Daniel

“I can’t get enough of it!”
Tibecailo Andrada

“Love Paaliaq.”
Snezana Najdanovic

“I downloaded your free album, and it’s amazing!”
Lenchés Marci

Marie Chan

“I just cannot study without this music.”
Vincenzo Marchio

Margaret Fletcher Craig

“Pieces of your work makes me feel so relaxed and alive. Thanks and congratulations!”
Diana Carolina

“Great admirer of your music, thirsty for more :)”
Artur Duarte

“Wonderful, as usual! Thank you!”
Emma-Diana Buriu

“Great music, great video.. my opinion – really perfect.”
Aleksandra Nasković

“So good… like always!”
Rositca Maslenikova

“Thank you for existing!”
Šejla Džidić

“Thanks for your amazing sound.”
António Folgado

“Awesome… stunning!!!”
João Maltez

“Oh so beautiful !”
Yanet Hilares Vera

“You have such big talent! We definitely need more!”
Sören Brows

“Fantastic job!!!!!. This song is very……Great.”
Pedro Sanchez Verdejo

“You make great music.”
Nick Roberts

“Amazing… as always =D”
Luis Dias

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  1. I was just wondering, where did you get the name, Paaliaq, from? About 5 years ago, I had a book published called, THE CURSE OF THE SHAMAN. The shaman in the book is called Paaliaq, after a girl who lived in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, Canada. And, through a long story, Paaliaq became the name of one of the moons of the planet, Saturn. Just wondering.

    • Hi Michael, sorry for the delay, but it’s great to hear from you.

      Yes I originally gathered a list of possible album titles for my music, including a list of moons. As time went by I was drawn more and more to Paaliaq, as both a beautiful sounding and cool looking name for my whole project..
      I did look into the background of it, the Inuit god referenced, and saw your name and book mentioned. It’s brilliant to hear your side of the name, and the background to it..

      How did you come to be approached in regard to the naming of the moons?

      – Ben.

  2. Such a good spacial ambiental music to guide your travel to distant ambients with full freedom to build the worlds from you own imagination, if anyone need some creative inspiration….it could be find here in this beautiful close-distant worlds for any kind of creation!

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