Paaliaq has so far released 5 albums, 8 EPs, 3 collections and a new track every week in 2017.

My music is available through
Keepi, Vola, Misc. 1 & 2, and D.O.U.P are FREE.

Please click on the covers below to visit my music pages.


Keepi Zosma Hexacoral
Keepi by Paaliaq Zosma by Paaliaq Hexacoral by Paaliaq
Florilegium 1 Florilegium 2
Florilegium 1 by Paaliaq Florilegium 2 by Paaliaq


Vola Ish Otto
Vola by Paaliaq Ish by Paaliaq Otto by Paaliaq
Sao Abst D.O.U.P
Sao by Paaliaq Abst by Paaliaq Device Of Unknown Purpose by Paaliaq
Chiral Liminal
Chiral by Paaliaq Liminal by Paaliaq

FREE Collections:

Misc. Misc.2 Traks
Misc. by Paaliaq Misc.2 by Paaliaq Traks by Paaliaq

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  1. Dear Paaliaq,

    I really happy that you still inspire people and make great music.
    I just have one question.
    ONCE you created a song called „FREE“.

    Im looking for it since that day I heard it the first time.
    Please if it’s available to listen on bandcamp send me the exact link, I couldn’t find it trough search.

    Thank you very much and keep on doing what you love.


    Alexander Cemal Laszlo Yalcintas

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