Cryll – New instrumental EP – Out Now

Cryll – New instrumental EP – Out Now

New instrumental EP ‘Cryll’.

A smaller, more delicate collection, and the first of two (or three) new EPs this Autumm. Being my favourite time of year, I felt I wanted to gather some of my new music together. These tracks are more symphonic/acoustic/cinematic, and I hope you’ll enjoy them.


NEW RELEASE – Stelliferous / Can You Keep My Secret? – Out Today.

NEW RELEASE – Stelliferous / Can You Keep My Secret? – Out Today.

Hello. I have waited till Autumn to release music because I love Autumn. So here we are.

Here’s some of my new music. 2 tracks for 1€ – Listen below…

I have a lot of new music, and will put more out soon. Though, of course, you can find all my previous releases (including the 52 tracks from last year) at

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52 weeks, 52 tracks. 1 musical year.

52 weeks, 52 tracks. 1 musical year.

Hi. This is the last of this year’s weekly new releases. ‘A Deeper Blue’.

I knew this would be ‘week 52’ some months ago. It feels like an ending song, and I love it very much.

Also here is week 51 ‘With Feathers of Fire’.

I hope you have enjoyed most/some/all of these tracks as much as I love making them.

I’ll soon be putting out compilations gathering the second half of the year on two albums at a reduced price – alongside ‘Kinds‘ and ‘Attributes‘.

These releases have not been about big promotion and sales (far from it!) but just about getting these tracks out beyond my own ears, where I’m not hanging onto them. (Nobody would have heard them if I hadn’t done this.)

I could probably do the same again next year, given how much I write… But I think I’ll promote what I have, or go live as a sheep herder 🙂

Thank you for following/listening/purchasing, and I wish you a very Happy New Year.


Roundup: 8 weeks, 8 New Tracks. Enjoy.

Roundup: 8 weeks, 8 New Tracks. Enjoy.

‘Cajeput Bay’ – October 24th.
A soft, autumnal wheel of flickering sun, gentle, rolling beats, burnt auburn leaves, electric piano, and warm, hopeful colours.

‘Calm Is Not An Option’ – October 31st.
Halloween release. Dark, strange, disturbed and spooky!

‘Orana’ – November 7th.
An autumnal piece of gentle, wide-sky, acoustic guitar, vocal and synth reflection.

‘Sculptress’ – November 13th.
From distant strings in the rain, to wavering sine waves, gentle vocals, sonorous basses and pounding, crisp n’ glitched electro drums.

‘Glow-Water’ – November 22nd.
FREE TRACK – A dreamlike, pulsating, squeezebox, piano, vocal and oboe voyage of wonder, colour and light, or something.

‘Amelia Jinx’ – November 28th.
A piece of strange, symphonic, gothic fairy tale winter darkness, with piano, orchestra and auto harp.

‘Sharp Circles’ – December 5th.
Shadowy, shuffling acoustic guitars, muttered vocals, rippling piano, wailing crowds and big old drums. A pop classic 😉

‘December’ – December 11th.
Cold and fragile, piano creaking, snow falling.

Catchup time – 6 weeks / 6 new tracks!

Catchup time – 6 weeks / 6 new tracks!

Yes, hello, somehow I’m managing to put these new releases out each week. And I hope somehow you’re able to listen/buy them. But I’m somehow not telling everyone about them. Oops. So…

Here’s the last 6 weeks in full. Enjoy.

  • SEPTEMBER 11th – GO LOUD – (full on)

  • SEPTEMBER 19th – TINTA – (laidback)

  • SEPTEMBER 24th –  SILENT DUST – (sleepy)

  • OCTOBER 1st – BOOM & SINGE – (wake up)

  • OCTOBER 8th – LEAVES – (for N. x)

  • OCTOBER 16th – DINOSAUR – (my mum’s favourite track of mine)