Roundup: 8 weeks, 8 New Tracks. Enjoy.

Roundup: 8 weeks, 8 New Tracks. Enjoy.

‘Cajeput Bay’ – October 24th.
A soft, autumnal wheel of flickering sun, gentle, rolling beats, burnt auburn leaves, electric piano, and warm, hopeful colours.

‘Calm Is Not An Option’ – October 31st.
Halloween release. Dark, strange, disturbed and spooky!

‘Orana’ – November 7th.
An autumnal piece of gentle, wide-sky, acoustic guitar, vocal and synth reflection.

‘Sculptress’ – November 13th.
From distant strings in the rain, to wavering sine waves, gentle vocals, sonorous basses and pounding, crisp n’ glitched electro drums.

‘Glow-Water’ – November 22nd.
FREE TRACK – A dreamlike, pulsating, squeezebox, piano, vocal and oboe voyage of wonder, colour and light, or something.

‘Amelia Jinx’ – November 28th.
A piece of strange, symphonic, gothic fairy tale winter darkness, with piano, orchestra and auto harp.

‘Sharp Circles’ – December 5th.
Shadowy, shuffling acoustic guitars, muttered vocals, rippling piano, wailing crowds and big old drums. A pop classic 😉

‘December’ – December 11th.
Cold and fragile, piano creaking, snow falling.

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