Florilegium (vol 1) – Out now!

Florilegium (vol 1) – Out now!
Florilegium (vol 1) – Out now!

I’m proud to present ‘Florilegium 1’ – ten tracks from my recent past.

It’s very important to me to be authentic. My biggest difficulties occur when I’m not.

In this vein, I couldn’t title these new collections the way I title my albums. It would be inauthentic to treat them as albums. They are gatherings, compendiums, anthologies.. but these words have been used a million times… then I happened upon the word Florilegium… meaning ‘a volume of writings’. And that was that. 

I adore these songs. Creating them was a wonderful experience. All my music matters to me so much. Making art, however I can, matters to me so much.

I hope you enjoy them too. (Part 2 will be out very soon.)

Cover art by Dmytro Kozlov.



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