Brilliant new video! plus – How the Paaliaq got it’s stripes, I mean, name.

Brilliant new video! plus – How the Paaliaq got it’s stripes, I mean, name.
Brilliant new video! plus – How the Paaliaq got it’s stripes, I mean, name.

Hi! Ok, there are two parts to this post.

First is announcing my new video ‘Glorious Ocean Day’ which I’m very pleased with. Taken from my forthcoming album ‘Florilegium 2’ and created with such aplomb (what a great word) by alphaman, who knows my music so well…

Enjoy the vid.

And second, a few words from me about the background to my music. Hopefully it’s a little interesting.

There will be some more posts fairly soon for my next album and a very special video.

For now, thanks for reading, and especially for listening.


How the Paaliaq got it’s stripes, I mean, name.


Styles of music I have always loved include rock, electronic, classical, acoustic and jazz.

I explored much in the way of rock music whilst in Idioverse, most especially progressive or art-rock music. After Idioverse ended the creation of Paaliaq enabled me to roam further, pursuing an urge to combine my most loved styles and influences in one project.

But it wasn’t as if I made that decision and then went off and wrote songs in that style. In actual fact I wrote all the tracks for my first 2 Paaliaq albums during the previous 2 years – with no project idea (or even name) in mind; I was just writing because I wanted to.

After 2 years I realised I had a sound, a distinct style, and starting putting songs together as ‘albums’.

I ended up with a sizeable list of these albums, and wanted to give them all names.

I started looking into names of flora, bacteria, geographical features, animals, minerals, stars, moons… and noticed a moon of Saturn…Paaliaq.

I just liked the name, how it stood out from the page, didn’t come with any association, and then I read that it came from a story and was an Inuit god, and I thought ‘having that!’.

Some of the other names on my list were: Hexacoral, Sao, Pechora, Zosma, which later became Paaliaq releases.

There were other names on the list too – which will most likely become names of future releases.

I should say that I am still writing… almost every day. My releases include tracks written yesterday alongside tracks written years ago. I would love to release new music every day, but no-one would have time to listen to it all!

So there you go. There ends this rambling tale of how the Paaliaq got its name 🙂

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