OUT NOW – Track 3 – Hidden (a symphonic poem)

OUT NOW – Track 3 – Hidden (a symphonic poem)

I’m very happy with how Hidden came out. It’s different to most of my other tracks.

It is, I guess, a symphonic poem. My last one of those I think was ‘The Journey’ from my first free album ‘Keepi‘.

This one is a different theme entirely.

Hidden was inspired by watching a David Attenborough documentary which featured a mother panda bear tending to her cub alone in a dark cave for many weeks.  It was something so beautiful, tender and incredibly isolated from the rest of the human and animal world, that I wanted to express that in words and music.

I wrote the poem first, then the music and then finally recorded the narration (which took some time to get right).

Hidden is available here: https://paaliaq.bandcamp.com/track/hidden


Two in the cave
Where it is just them
Slow bears, hidden

They connect, immeasurably
A pure bond, in the black stone air
Plush familiarity
No sour tongue or danger

Maybe she worries, but I like to think not
Her eyes are soft peace
And they rest,
Just the same,
Small in a dark place

A simple passionate life
Slow bears, hidden

Green ferns flutter in the wind just outside

Two in the cave
Where it is just them
One held, one holding.


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