Liminal EP – available now

Liminal EP – available now
Liminal EP – available now


Thank you so much for supporting Paaliaq and being on my mailing list. There will be more releases coming, maybe not an album but single tracks for sure.

As a small beginning I am releasing this mini-compilation, and this is why…

The track Liminal was written a couple of days ago, and I love it.

Every now and then you can be lucky enough to write something that expresses exactly what you intended. It arrives speedily, fully formed and you have no desire to change it.

Liminal, for me, is one of those pieces. It’s a short track, but just what I wanted.

I think of it as part of the same family as my previous pieces – ’Soft Reset’, ‘Latency’, ‘Codes’ and ‘Nobody Sleeps As Elegantly As Henriette’ – in that they all inhabit that soft, strange, warm melancholy that comes with being up at 3am… feeling like you’re the only one awake for miles, and the night feels like an ocean… a beautiful, inviting and liberating stillness.

(Another new piece in this vein – and another of my favourites – is The Shuttle Is Now Gliding, which is also included here.)

So this EP is a gathering of all those tracks.


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