New FREE track ‘Nation’ out now.

New FREE track ‘Nation’ out now.

New FREE track ‘Nation’ is out now. Enjoy.

Also, this FREE track. If you didn’t grab it last year, you can get it now! Simply comment on the blog page, something like ‘Heights please’ and you’ll be sent your download code. ‘Heights’ is not available anywhere else. I’m very proud of this track and all these videos, enjoy the show. 

Lastly, here’s also a few bits from my Instagram… I post a lot on there, including new songs and videos, so do follow!

Every purchase, share, like and comment means a lot 🙂

There will be new Paaliaq material next year, I have much I want to share.
For now, thank you, and best wishes for the season.
I truly hope next year shines brighter than this one.

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