NEW SONGS: Skin + Ginku + NEW VIDEO and More!

NEW SONGS: Skin + Ginku + NEW VIDEO and More!

Enjoy this impromptu new song ‘Skin’ (where I channel my inner Pavarotti, or something)

Listen below. It’s out now as a single, though will probably pop up on album 7 or 8.

Also out now is a new instrumental ‘Ginku’:

And this is the new video for ‘Chewing Gum on a Blue Raft’ from my album ‘Florilegium 2’, available here:


Soon out will be the beautiful ‘Via Relay’:


Then a new EP,  including ‘Via Relay’ ‘If We Shadows’, ‘Dulcibell’ and probably ‘Dormiveglia’,

Dulcibell_700   Dormiveglia

Then a new album ‘Pechora’, full of tremendous quiver, pluck and crunch… out at some point.

I think that’s everything… Of course, if you know anyone who might like my music do please point them to my bandcamp page –

Thanks and best wishes, as always.

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