New video! + 10 Trinkets! + Interview news! + Song talk! + FREE song!

New video! + 10 Trinkets! + Interview news! + Song talk! + FREE song!

Hi, hope you are all splendid, here’s a gathering of my recent news:

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1:  ‘The Music I Make’ is a brand NEW promo video, which includes NEW music. Enjoy.

2:  ‘Trinkets’ – I am putting out a series of NEW song previews at the moment, called ‘Trinkets’ – and here’s a playlist of the first 10 – I have so much new music to release, I hope you will enjoy hearing some of it here 🙂


3:  !!! I will be interviewed for the podcast ‘Eclectrocasts’ in March!

Eclectrocasts is a brilliant show that features interviews and music of indie artists of a broad range of genres. It is operated by Jeff Kirn (Isotherme) and Kees de Groot (Groovehare). The artists interviewed generally make and produce their music from home studios without external support or sponsors.

More on that as it happens… but you can check out their great work here:


4:  I have 2 NEW TRACKS out now – Cadence and Quench. Enjoy!

A few words I wrote today about Quench:

“I love the word Quench. It relates so powerfully to such deep, and so often, controlling desires in us, and the urge to satisfy our needs.

It was important to me that the lead instrument had a wavering sound, that it shifted, wasn’t settled, in control, perfectly in-tune. For me, it reflects authenticity, vulnerability, imperfections… Like in life, trying to keep to the ‘tune’, whilst sometimes fighting against distorted thinking and doubt.

The harsh, overblown drums initially contain all this ‘messiness’, which then crosses over into the horn sound.

For me this is how creativity works – translating emotions into different forms. As the song says – “The objects are still there, but in another dimension.”

(This is also the feeling behind the wavering, analog sounds of ‘Heights’.)

Of course, apart from all that it just sounds good to me 🙂 ”

5:  Please VOTE for ‘The Lift’ on Awardeo. I made the music for ‘The Lift’  – a wonderful new short film by my friend Alexander Murillo. I’m honoured to be a part of his work and hope you enjoy this warm, heartfelt and compassionate documentary.



6:  Don’t forget, Subscribers can get the new song ‘Heights’ for FREE! It’s the soundtrack to my End Of Year video below, and currently not available anywhere else – so grab yours today! Just send an email (from your subscriber email address) to with ‘Heights’ in the subject, and you’ll be sent your FREE download code. Enter it on Bandcamp, and it’s all yours!


7:  Last but certainly not least – don’t forget my new albums ‘Florilegium 1 and 2’ are available now. 20 tracks of fire, shadow, beauty, drive, colour and balm. All purchases very much appreciated.

Phew. All done for now – Stay splendid and, as always – thank you for subscribing 🙂

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