New single. ‘…Vincent Price’ – Dark, strange and beautiful… OUT TODAY.

New single. ‘…Vincent Price’ – Dark, strange and beautiful… OUT TODAY.

Happy Halloween!


And today being the spooky, Mwaa-ha-ha! day, I thought it a fine moment to release this,

‘Turn Out The Lights And Listen To Vincent Price’

It’s a song of many polysonic(?) parts – beats, bumps, clicks, strings, throbs, strums, murmurs – and all, I think, coloured with crisp, dark shades of autumn.

Growing up as a huge fan of the extraordinary author Ray Bradbury, I like to think he would approve of the crooked, carnival sideshow air.

Here’s how I hear the song: 

Half-waking in the night, I somnambulantly wander towards a distant voice. Vincent’s patter seems to beckon me to enter the Carnival. The wriggling guitar line is a finger, enticing me towards the big-top and through the curtain, hypnotised, drawn into the wheeling, whirling lights and shadows, swaying with the thrill of the strange, the beautiful, the mysterious. As I finally reach the centre of the fantastical, unearthly midnight show violins strike up and floodlights pick out acrobats twirling dizzyingly above, like diamonds against the deep red canvas. I stare up, enveloped with music and magic… as normality fades away outside. I’m very glad I turned out the lights and listened to Vincent Price.

BTW this music was very much recorded for either headphones or good speakers!

(The single also includes the instrumental shivers of ‘It Waits’.)



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