Any filmmakers seeking distinctive, quality moods/themes?

I have been inspired from an early age by the incredible scope and power of film music. I feel my compositions would  complement many cinematic productions.

If you are seeking quality music for your film/TV/game/advert/animation/etc, please visit my licensed music site:

to hear and purchase tracks from my catalogue of original, distinctive and high-quality compositions, including orchestral, piano, electronic, ambient and rock genres.

I am also happy to hear from media makers interested in using Paaliaq’s music. Please email to acquire/discuss use of any Paaliaq compositions.

On that note, I found this short film online and was suprised to see it was scored by.. Paaliaq. I wasn’t directly involved with making this film but I’m chuffed to hear my music set to people’s creations, and thought I’d share it with you – I should say it does contain some strong language. It’s directed by Alexander Murillo.

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