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Paaliaqal Things
Paaliaqal Things

Hi, and welcome to my first blog post. This is the new website, which has turned out quite well! First of all, new subscribers, thank you, I appreciate your interest. (If you haven’t yet subscribed, just click the button and you’ll get a mail whenever I post)

It’s a breath of fresh air to have this space; to get away from the enormous, corporate sprawl of Facebook and have a chance to say and explain more. As promised, this blog will feature the latest news and updates from Paaliaq. Some of these may later appear elsewhere, but you heard it here first!


Tonight, it is cold and snowing in London. It is supposedly Spring.. Have the clocks have gone back… 3 months? It’s nuts.

Anyhow, my idea is to share all things Paaliaqal (no that’s definitely not a word).

I should begin where I am.

I am currently mixing EP 7 – which is so far called Chiral, which means “of or relating to a molecule that is not superimposable on its mirror image.”  Titles for Paaliaq releases were never especially meant to have meaning, just to sound interesting.. but this has both.

At the moment, EP 7 opens with ‘Autotelic, Of Course’.

Autotelic is one of my favourite words,

“An autotelic person needs few material possessions and little entertainment, comfort, power, or fame because so much of what he or she does is already rewarding. Because such persons experience flow in work, in family life, when interacting with people, when eating, even when alone with nothing to do, they are less dependent on the external rewards that keep others motivated to go on with a life composed of routines.

They are more autonomous and independent because they cannot be as easily manipulated with threats or rewards from the outside. At the same time, they are more involved with everything around them because they are fully immersed in the current of life.”

Veering out of dictionary corner for a moment, EP 7 includes two tracks featuring my work with drummer Mike Wake, who played fantastic drums with Idioverse and now provides fantastic session work as DrumMike. These tracks were recorded last year, but moving home messed with an earlier release. I am thoroughly enjoying listening to them again, blasting out sweet and fiery against the icy night as the occasional drunken caterwaul drifts in from the street.

EP 7 currently includes 4 tracks, each of which I adore. This is the beginning of one, if you haven’t heard it yet, and features the audiobook narrator Peter Yearsley… more on that collaboration later..

[youtube_sc url=ffgF51xk8k0 rel=0]

On the flip side of these upcoming guitar incantations, I am also putting up the new video by alphaman for the track Codes, from the album ‘Zosma’.

It looks like this:

Codes video still

And this:

Codes video still 2

These are the tags for the video

Piano, stars, space, deep, astronomy, ambient, chill, Electronic, Ambient Music, synth, calming, tranquil, starry, darkness, calm, sleep, dreaming, Sky, Electronica, Beyond, Above, Nature, Relax

I love loud, I love quiet. That’s life all over.

Enough of me, more news soon, no doubt.

All the best,


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