Charts and Jungles

Charts and Jungles
Charts and Jungles

Hi, no I’m not off to explore Africa, just a quick update,

Apparently Paaliaq is number 8 on the ReverbNation Electronica charts for London! I’ve barely promoted (so far) on ReverbNation so that was a surprise. Huge thanks to everyone for their support! Do please tell others about my music, it’s much appreciated.

Also, more of a side note than a Paaliaq note, but I thought you’d like to know…

I have a few tunes up on AudioJungle below, showcasing some specifically ‘cinematic’ compositions.


My aim is to pitch these (and more) tracks to film makers, film students and any other media creators. If you know anyone who may be interested, please pass it on.. or if you just want to hear some new tunes from me, enjoy!

More soon..


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