Esperance and other hopeful things…

Esperance and other hopeful things…
Esperance and other hopeful things…


Well, this is more of an infrequent blog than I would like, but the best laid plans, and all that…


Firstly, as thanks for your support, subscribers get an exclusive FREE track ‘Esperance’.
Simply download it from the private Soundcloud email link that you’ll be receiving soon.

(more free tunes to come)


There’s now a free Paaliaq app (a Paaliapp?) available for Android devices.
(sorry, I can’t afford to put it on iTunes)


I built it through Revebnation but I don’t know exactly what it does as my android device is broken.. but hopefully it’s cool? As long as electrified steel spikes don’t spring out from your screen it’s probably ok.

This is my new personal Soundcloud channel, with website to follow.

If you’d like to hear other music from me, please check it out. As you may already know, I’d love to get into film/animation/game music someway, somehow – it’s a long-term plan… so if you know anyone in need of original, distinctive music for any kind of media use, please point them my way, thanks!

And lastly, a little background … 

It’s one thing to write songs and make a new album right there and then.

It’s another to choose from new material plus 6 years of unreleased recordings, and try to mix and craft hundreds of pieces of music into distinct & interesting albums/EPs.. while writing more music for film use… while looking for a job.. and some meaning… but it’s a labour of love 🙂

As the mighty Brian Blessed said “You follow your dream, there’s no-one like you, we’ve all got something that no-one else has got. Follow your dream and don’t let the bastards grind you down.”  Wonderful.

So that’s why I’m a bit quiet these days… that, and the fact that I’m not a natural born self-promoter (oh if only). I just love making music. Mustering up my interest in Twitter has proved particularly elusive. I should probably give the new Myspace some proper attention…  I’m just rambling now…

More news and music soon. Hope summer’s treating you well.

– B

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