Mokele Mbembe

Mokele Mbembe
Mokele Mbembe

Feeling well sick, and not in a good way..

No, I’m fine, just had a horrible cold and drifted away for a bit.. It is at least warmer now, which I am loving, and feeling inspired with it.. nothing like writing music on a lazy sunny afternoon.

Hope you are all well well.


So what is Mokele Mbembe?

Mokele Mbembe

It is the title of a new french documentary about the search for a legendary ‘lost’ dinosaur.

For more than a century the Pygmies of the Congo Basin have spoken of seeing this creature. Numerous scientific expeditions have been conducted throughout the twentieth century without success… Until now.

I was approached by the filmmakers through my good friend Olivier Pacaud, and asked if they could use my music.

The track ‘Bring You In’ is used on their teaser trailer – and I’m very pleased to be involved. Thanks Olivier, and Sarah @ Sauvage.

Their site is – 

(It is a crowdfunded project so feel free to contribute)


As for being inspired, I am considering adding a track or two to the next EP ‘Chiral’, which should be out next week, assuming I don’t contract the plague in the meantime.

I have also added some tracks to my licensed music:
If you’re looking for any pieces for film/media/whatever use.

More news soon. All the best, have a brilliant weekend.


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