‘Run Far, Run Fast’ – Behind the music…

‘Run Far, Run Fast’ – Behind the music…
‘Run Far, Run Fast’ – Behind the music…

This is a little explanation of the story behind one of my tracks – when narrator Peter Yearsley kindly and brilliantly voiced my instrumental track ‘Run Far, Run Fast’.

Peter has narrated many free Librivox audiobooks, including Poe, Shelley, M.R. James, Wordsworth, Shakespeare and the Brothers Grimm. This is a link to his Librivox recordings.


I had the main music of this track written, and thought how well it would suit a spoken introduction.

Huge credit must go to my friend Rebecca Green who specially wrote a brilliant ‘excerpt’ from a larger, imagined story. I wanted it to be very dramatic, wintery, evocative and climactic, and she made it exactly that. It was quite an ask to want just a single fragment of an entire story and I was so impressed with what she wrote.

I’d listened to Peter’s work a lot, especially at night, loved his voice and wrote to him to ask if he would be interested in providing narration. He was extremely polite and friendly and I was thrilled when he agreed. He recorded at his home and sent me a few takes, until we got this final version, which I love. He added such gravitas and class to this rich, dark little tale. I particularly like the way he says ‘like so much blood.’ 😉

My sincere thanks to both Peter and Rebecca.

‘Run Far, Run Fast’ is taken from my EP ‘Chiral’, available here:



Words by Rebecca Green.

As he stood within the small sphere of light given off by the streetlamp on that freezing winter night, his face fell, in realisation of the consequences of his actions.

The crooked old crone with the dirty grey hair chuckled gleefully at what she had orchestrated, and disappeared down the dark street, her long red shawl trailing in the snow like so much blood.

As she tottered away he heard one last sentence drift back to him upon the breeze…

“She said you were soft-hearted.”

He stood, watching after her, one thought surging terribly through his mind…

He had caused this to be. Anything that may have happened to those he loved was completely and truly his fault.

A series of tragic and unfortunate events had been put into place like dominoes and, just like those small, spotted, rectangular tiles, all had begun to fall once the first piece had been so purposefully nudged.

Thrown into action by the threat of losing all that he held dear, he started to run; hoping against hope that he would arrive in time to stop this insanity.


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