Free tracks + more

Free tracks + more

Hey there,

So I’m still bobbing around out here, not entirely dropped off the world..  right now sifting through a mountain of new and unreleased tracks and deciding on some kind of ‘EP 8’.. which is pleasant.. On a whim I’ve posted up these two pieces ‘Venture’ and ‘Shard’, and they’re free for now. So grab em while they’re up..!

I’m looking to post more new tracks soon. There’s a lot of new music waiting, that I would love you to hear.. so I may just release tracks individually instead of putting together a whole album.. we’ll see.

Also, a very lovely new single ‘Stand To Fall’ is recorded and should be available quite soon.

You can download ‘Venture’ free (or pay something if you like) here:

And ‘Shard’ is free (or pay something if you like) here:

Paaliaq is a labour of love rather than any source of income, so unfortunately it takes a backseat to the rest of my skint life. On that note, please feel free to purchase any of my albums and EPs at It’s incredibly appreciated and helps support future music.

Lastly, if you or anyone you know is looking for music for film/tv/animation/adverts/anything, please visit my other site Kaleidoscores, where you can find about 40 compositions for licensed purchase.. or if you just want to hear the music!

Phew.. enough of me.. enjoy.

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