Spring - by alphaman

It is Spring (a grey London Spring); new shoots, renewal, and all that – so probably a very ripe time to shake off two years of anonymity, step into the (grey London) light and say:

Hello, welcome to the new Paaliaq.net

This site is a new Home for my music; including videos and art – and a place for fans to connect and explore. I previously used Facebook for news but found it too corporate, random, and expensive. I’ve always desired a smaller, personal space for Paaliaq, so here we are.

The site is designed to look best on desktops and tablets, but should work fine on mobiles.

It is a ‘work in progress’, so look out for new additions later.

There is more music to come, so please SUBSCRIBE to the blog to be kept in touch!

You can also connect to various Paaliaq social media sites through the side bar.

Lastly, if my music has value to you, please consider buying it. New music really needs support.



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